Peak Ventures

Peak Ventures started as an extension of our own experience as tech founders. Many markets, particularly Utah and the Mountain West, have no shortage of innovation and talent. But that’s not enough. We’ve assembled a team of investors that we wish had existed when we were raising money ourselves—self-made entrepreneurs who know the struggle, get out from behind their computer, and leverage their experience to increase the odds in an industry where more fail than succeed.

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InnoVentures provides loans to early stage businesses that are not yet bankable. The loan sizeranges from $50,000-$250,000. The typical use of funds is working capital. We fund all types of businesses including software, service businesses, manufacturing and even restaurants. The only types of businesses we don’t fund are real estate or financing businesses. InnoVentures has been providing loans since 2001 and in that time has funded many notable Utah companies like Property Solutions, Allegiance, Five Star Franchising, Salt Lake MRI, Creative Woodworks Cabinets, Prince Perelson Recruiting, Better Body Foods and many, many more.

We are always interested in talking with entrepreneurs and try to provide assistance on the best financing strategy for their business. If you have questions call any time. Call Steve Grizzell at 801 741-4215.

Kickstart Fund

We bet early on Utah’s tech ecosystem because we knew the region was special. Since 2008 we’ve backed over 60 of the best startups in the Mountain West in diverse sectors including SaaS, cloud, mobile, e-commerce, clean tech and health tech. Founders in our portfolio are pushing frontiers, solving complex problems and claiming territory in rapidly growing global markets

We typically invest when companies are raising between $500k and $3M—so from the earliest stages an onwards. We have an open-door policy and sit down with as many entrepreneurs as we can and we do it as an entire team to make sure the entrepreneurs are heard.

Service Provider Capital

Service Provider Capital is a venture capital fund whose limited partners include the most knowledgeable, respected and best connected service providers in the industry. The fund focuses on making small co-investments in institutionally led Series A deals.

The fund adds strategic value to its portfolio companies by making its service provider limited partners available to provide introductions to potential investors and commercial/strategic partners and to provide informal guidance on legal, accounting, finance, real estate and other matters relevant to start-up companies.

Peterson Ventures

Peterson Ventures is the seed and early stage venture arm of alternative asset manager Peterson Partners ( Over the years at Peterson, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with over 100 entrepreneurs who are operating business at all stages of the business lifecycle. At Peterson Ventures, we are generally seed stage investors looking to invest in the first institutional round of capital but will opportunistically look at investments outside of the seed stage. We believe in truly partnering with entrepreneurs by bringing capital, connections and perspective to help entrepreneurs build their businesses and achieve their dreams. Founded in 2008, Peterson Ventures has invested in more than 50 companies including Skybox Imaging (GOOG), RocketMiles (PCLN), Identified (WDAY), Bonobos, and HireVue (see for entire portfolio).

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EPIC Ventures

EPIC Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund. Founded in 1994, EPIC has been a pioneer in venture capital investing in Utah, the Mountain states, and other emerging startup ecosystems. The EPIC team are active investors, working with their portfolio companies to raise follow-on funding, grow revenues, and ultimately exit through M&A or IPO.

EPIC Ventures seeks to be the first institutional investor in companies with technology-based competitive advantage. The firm invests in internet infrastructure, IT security, ecommerce, and other verticals, with a heavy focus on strong founding teams.

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Venture Debt

SVB Financial Group
T: 801 453 7180

For more than 30 years, SVB Financial Group (NASDAQ: SIVB) and its subsidiaries have helped innovative companies and their investors move bold ideas forward, fast. SVB Financial Group’s businesses, including Silicon Valley Bank, offer commercial and private banking, asset management, private wealth management, brokerage and investment services, funds management and business valuation services to companies in the technology, life science and healthcare, private equity and venture capital, and premium wine industries. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, SVB Financial Group operates in centers of innovation around the world. Learn more at

Banking services are provided by Silicon Valley Bank, member FDIC. SVB Financial Group and Silicon Valley Bank are members of the Federal Reserve System.

Square 1 Bank

Square 1 Bank is a full service commercial bank dedicated exclusively to serving the financial needs of the venture capital community and entrepreneurs in all stages of growth and expansion. Square 1’s expertise, focus and strong capital base provide flexible resources and unmatched support to meet our clients’ needs. Square 1 has offices coast-to-coast in Austin, the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Durham, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, San Diego, Seattle and Washington, DC. For more information, visit