The Peak 100 award, sponsored by Peak Ventures, was created by UVEF to identify and recognize entrepreneurs with Utah ties that are most likely to favorably impact the community.  Members of the Peak 100 become part of an ongoing community that fosters collaboration in building and growing companies.

UVEF asks members of the Utah business and academic community to nominate individuals who are most likely to lead a successful startup venture in the next five to seven years. The list is composed by 2/3 of public voting and 1/3 from internal UVEF voting.

We will take the top 10 entrepreneurs from the Peak 100 on an exclusive fly fishing trip on a private ranch in Star Valley, Wyoming. All equipment will be provided and they will be fishing with world class fly fishing guides. There will be a chef that provides lunch in a lodge and in the afternoon there will be shotgun shooting.

This is all thanks to Hero Partners and the Buffalo Bronze Club.

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UVEF Honors Entrepreneurs

UVEF has been honoring the top entrepreneurs in Utah for 25 years. Some of our past honorees are listed below. Submit your nomination to join this prestigious list.

Josh James

Paul Allen

Brad Caldwell

David Bradford

Dr. Bill J. Pope

Ray Noorda

Harold 'Hal' Wing

George & Olive Osmond

Mike Proper

Steven R. Covey

Drew Major

Peak 100 Voting is Closed