UVEF Top 25 Under 5 2014

UVEF Ones to Watch

This year UVEF determined to open our awards to pre-revenue companies. This year we are featuring 10 companies picked as “ones to watch” for the coming few years as they establish a foothold and scale their business models.

In no particular order, our top ten picks this year are:


CourseKeepers by Skeduna is a unique set of tools free to students that helps them find the right courses at the best time for their schedule and puts them on the shortest, least expensive path to graduation. We believe if students are empowered to create a strategy tailored for them, participate in their academic community, and understand the financial impact of their choices, they will graduate on time and maximize their success.

— Please watch for Skeduna

Box Support

Box Support provides enterprise level computer security and security-specific support for homes and small businesses. In a little over a month, Box Support has grown to nearly 50 full-time employees, all based in Provo, and have added over 500 new clients.

— Please watch for Box Support

Sphere Manufacturing

Sphere Manufacturing will be the leading manufacturer of 3D metal printers for the jewelry and local manufacturing industries. Sphere has ten patents pending that make the Sphere 1 faster, more convenient, and more affordable, and because of these technological innovations, Sphere will be the first to reach into previously untapped, multi-billion dollar markets.

— Please watch for Sphere Manufacturing


Sentius helps small and independent healthcare providers grow through the practical application of Big-Data-driven business intelligence.  They distill complex data, science and technology into fully automated services with easily understood visualizations, information delivery, and insight presentation.  They offer providers a shortcut to better insights, wiser decisions, and improved patient care.

— Please watch for Sentius

ClientSuccess, Inc.

ClientSuccess is changing the way SaaS companies retain and grow their existing customer base. Successful SaaS companies are expanding their focus beyond client acquisition to client retention. ClientSuccess is a client retention and growth platform that provides actionable insights, rich customer analytics, and best practices to proactively manage success throughout the customer lifecycle. ClientSuccess helps SaaS companies reduce churn, increase revenue and maximize the lifetime value of the customer.

— Please watch for ClientSuccess


Steptap is an SEO marketing platform that specializes in helping businesses create and share engaging how-to marketing content that shows prospects how to use their product for a solution they need when they are searching for them.

— Please watch for Steptap


Xomly is committed to providing outside sales teams with the tools they need to sell more effectively. Managers can easily organize and publish slide shows, white papers, digital brochures, videos and training materials to their teams. Reps can review trainings, present rich content in their meetings and share pertinent resources with their clients. These tools are delivered with realtime notifications of client engagement and accountability metrics for managers.

— Please watch for Xomly


Cypher has a unique noise reduction solution that can detect and separate acoustic signals on today’s mobile devices that dramatically suppresses background noise and significantly enhances voice quality and intelligibility. Cypher has developed a software breakthrough featuring technology that isolates the speaker in diverse conditions and noise types, providing superior performance over the solutions available on the market today.

— Please watch for Cypher


QuotaDeck is a platform for freelance salespeople, and where companies can get sales leads, on-demand. Customers can access their network of freelance salespeople to bring qualified potential clients. Leverage the power of others’ connections to find real people who are interested in your product or service.

—Please watch for QuotaDeck

Avval Inc.

Avval Inc. was founded with the simple vision of creating a better world through learning products and services. This vision has lead to the assembly of products and services that empower students to leverage technology to manage their learning. Avval Inc. is currently seeking funding for the development of a new state of the art learning management system that is optimized for the modern student.

— Please watch for Avval

And that wraps up our top ten companies to watch.

Now, on to our Top 25 Under 5. These are the top 25 leading Utah companies that are less than five years old. Companies were ranked and awarded based on an algorithmic analysis of offering, revenue and employee base, resulting in a formula designed to measure economic impact and scalability.

UVEF Top 25 Under 5

In order from bottom to top, our UVEF Top 25 Under 5:

#25   Disruptive Advertising

Our number 25 takes a holistic approach in helping their clients make money online, making sure to get the right ad in front of people at a critical point of interest. They work on improving your advertising by moving backwards from which channels bring you actual sales, not just leads. Changing the way PPC is managed.

—Please congratulate Disruptive Advertising

#24   3Dplus.Me, Inc.

Our number 24 has built a patent-pending technology for consumer 3D printing. The rapid evolution of 3D printing provided the perfect opportunity to build a technology platform that could support the holy grail of retail and branding; personalized merchandising.

—Please congratulate 3Dplus.Me

#23   SquareHook

Number 23 is a responsive platform solution to build your own website for consistency across any device. Their tool allows users to choose template styles, add content, forms, integrate social media links, customization and ecommerce. Their goal is to make your website easy.

—Please congratulate SquareHook

#22   Black Dirt Organics LLC

Number 22 uses a patented process and no chemicals to extract liquid fertilizer from spent mushroom compost. High levels of organic acids and nutrients have commercial produce growers embracing the fertilizer as new world records and unprecedented yields are being achieved in application. They are currently evaluating offers for licensing agreements in multiple countries in South America and the Middle East.

—Please congratulate Black Dirt Organics

#21   Discovery Simulations

Number 21 on our list provides a leading education technology that teaches STEM, improves interpersonal communication skills, and helps schools make money. Through simulation software and futuristic spaceship modules, this company empowers students, teachers, and schools with exciting curriculum that is carefully tied to state and national standards. Their flagship center is right here in American Fork, and has been voted the #1 birthday party destination in Utah Valley for 2014.

—Please congratulate Discovery Simulations

#20   Quick Request

Number 20 on our list is a mobile workforce management and facility management system. This company helps their client’s mobile workforce become more accountable, while reducing overhead labor costs by at least 10%. For companies with 50 mobile workers or more, the savings is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

—Please congratulate Quick Request

#19   ForeUP Golf

Our number 19 company provides software that facilitates the entire backend business operations at a golf course or country club, from handling their tee time reservations, Point of Sale and inventory, to Mobile apps, marketing, and business analytics. All within the cloud, providing 24/7 access on any device.

—Please congratulate ForeUP Golf


The number 18 company thrives on inserting fun into the mundane. Much like Andy Warhol did for the Campbell’s Soup Can in the art world, they do for popcorn. Starting with organic air popped corn and infused with fun, out-of-the box flavors that appeal to the slightly eccentric foodie and snack lover. This company is taking the local specialty market by storm with a unique marketing plan for uniquely fun food.

—Please congratulate POP ART SNACKS

#17   Moki

Our number 17 company helps enterprises thrive in the app era through solutions that secure, monitor and support mobile apps. These solutions are used by enterprises to securely engage with their customers using mobile technology. Their mission is simple: secure mobile apps through visibility, insights and runtime security.

—Please congratulate Moki

#16   SpinGo

Our next company is an event engine that powers a national network of more than 1,000 websites and independent mobile apps with human-verified, local event listings. Their robust database boasts more than 100,000 monthly events, 100,000 performers, and tens of thousands of venues. To find something to do,…

—Please congratulate SpinGo

#15   Red Star Transportation

Our 15th awardee is a school bus and fleet maintenance company for charter schools and private organizations that need transportation or maintenance services but would rather focus on other duties and activities. They are growing responsibly by exceeding industry safety requirements while providing reliable and professional transportation services. They have discovered a successful niche by taking all the worry on their shoulders so their clients don’t have to.

—Please congratulate Red Star Transportation

#14   HIPAA One

In timely fashion, our number 14 company provides cloud-based Security Risk Assessment for Healthcare providers. Their solution allows customers with a range of expertise to quickly identify vulnerabilities and gaps in compliance, and then to formulate an action-plan to remediate the risks, saving possible fines that can reach into the millions. They have distilled a process that normally takes weeks or months to just a few hours.

—Please congratulate HIPAA One

#13   CruxCase LLC

Our number 13 company has been featured in business and tech publications including Forbes, Wired, Yahoo News, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, PC World, MacWorld, and many others. PC World featured their innovative covers as one of the “top 20 accessories for the iPad”. In October of 2012 they generated pre-sales of nearly a half of a million dollars through Kickstarter, cementing their success with a unique pre-sales strategy that sets them apart.

—Please congratulate CruxCase

#12   Launch Leads

Our number 12 company is no stranger to the Top 25 Under 5 Awards; they have been recognized before for their innovative sales pipeline services, filling client pipelines with qualified leads and scheduled sales appointments. This company generates targeted lead lists, qualifies each lead, and schedules sales opportunities on behalf of its clients.

—Please congratulate Launch Leads

#11   Lancera

Coming in at Number 11 is the leading software development and business process outsourcing service provider in Utah. They provide intelligent technology solutions for businesses with a focus on customer support. Their mission is to be the software technology services company that people love. Clients include multiple Fortune 500 and INC 500 companies.

—Please congratulate Lancera

#10   Fit Marketing

As we break into our top ten, this company helps businesses hack their growth through inbound marketing; attracting the right visitors to websites and converting those visitors to leads and sales. This company features expertise in areas like website design, content marketing and conversion rate optimization with a celebrity team of industry leaders.

—Please congratulate Fit Marketing

#9     Sunlight Solar Systems Inc.

Coming up at number 9 is a local solar contractor providing design and installation of solar systems for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Their number one goal is to educate the public with the best practices to integrate solar on their homes or businesses in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.

—Please congratulate Sunlight Solar Systems

#8     WISE Flooring & Design

At number 8 is a full-service flooring provider that has expanded to include a variety of additional products and services in a traditional sales model reaching out to residential and commercial customers in new and remodeling markets.

—Please congratulate WISE Flooring & Design

#7     Zylun

Our number 7 recipient helps companies compete in the global marketplace by connecting them to overseas talent. Our unique co-sourcing model gives companies control over work product and direct access to their team while they provide enterprise level recruiting, infrastructure and HR management. They employ a variety of skill sets including development, marketing and business support.

—Please congratulate Zylun

#6     iQue Repair

At number 6 we have another repeat awardee that specializes in same day Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer repairs at an affordable price. They seek to revolutionize the way the world thinks about Repair vs Replacement by offering top notch repairs, unlimited repair warranties and top of the line accessories.

—Please congratulate iQue Repair

#5     FiberFix

Beginning our top five countdown is a consumer products company that manufactures and markets a line of unique repair products that are water activated and harden like steel. This company was featured on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, and found in over 10,000 retail locations, including Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Meijer, Lowes, Canadian Tire, Target, Kroger, Walgreens, Michael’s, and several international retailers.

—Please congratulate FiberFix

#4     PcCareSupport

Our number 4 company was founded with a vision to simplify, support, and educate clients with their technology. Specializing in both business and residential services, this company has quickly become an industry leader in technical software, support, and educational services. In most cases, by utilizing remote connections, technicians are able to fix the problem for the customer while saving them from the hassle of traveling to a store or the discomfort of having a stranger in the home.

—Please congratulate PcCareSupport

#3     BambooHR

At number three is the leading SAAS company provider of online HR Software for small and medium businesses that have outgrown spreadsheets. Their cloud-based system is an intuitive, affordable way for growing companies to track and manage essential employee information in a personalized Human Resources Information System. Now HR managers have more time for meaningful work; executives get accurate, timely reports; and employees can self-service their time off using a convenient mobile app. BambooHR’s clients include innovators like Snapchat, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Fab, FreshBooks, Klout, Lyft, Fitbit and Squarespace, among hundreds of others in over 70 countries worldwide.

—Please congratulate BambooHR

#2     Lucid Software, Inc.

At number 2 is the creator of web-based diagramming and design apps. Their best-of-breed web-based apps are taking on the traditional enterprise productivity suite with flexible, easy-to-use, and collaborative tools. Founded in 2010 and based in Salt Lake City, Utah, they have raised $6M, including a $5M Series A from Kickstart Seed Fund, Grayhawk Capital, and Peterson Ventures, and a $1M seed round led by Google Ventures and 500 Startups.

—Please congratulate Lucid Software

#1     Boostability

Returning again to UVEF Top 25 Under 5, our number 1 company provides search engine optimization (SEO), local search and social media fulfillment services. They integrate with partners that service small local business that want to offer online marketing services to their clients. Using their proprietary technology and services, they partner with the largest media companies in the market to deliver cost-effective and scalable SEO solutions.

—Please congratulate Boostability