Why Nominate Your Company to UVEF Top 25 Under 5?

It is no question that receiving the UVEF Top 25 Under 5 award is a pretty big deal, and we love to toot our horn about it on every occasion.

…But you knew that already, so we thought we would ask a few of our recent award recipients to tell us how the award has helped them in their success.

Here is what they had to say:

boostability“We are so proud to be recognized by the UVEF as the Top company under 5 years last year. It has validated us as a company to our employees, customers, and partners which makes doing business that much easier.”
Rick Horsley, President of Boostability

quotadeck“The recognition that has come along with being in the UVEF Top 25 Under 5 has had a huge impact on our business and not just in Utah. I am getting calls from large investment firms from out of state that found me through an awards list and wanted to reach out. Locally, it has helped us to gain credibility, awareness, and trust from both potential clients and employees. I love being apart of UVEF and especially the Top 25 under 5.”
Bubba Page, Founder of Launch Leads and QuotaDeck

pc-care-support“The UVEF Top 25 Under 5 Award definitely has been great for us at PcCareSupport. Coming in at #5 has helped a lot of our employees see that their work is actually making a difference and helping us grow. Furthermore, it’s absolutely helped validate us in the eyes of a lot of our local customers.”
Paul Shin, Director of Marketing at PcCareSupport

persnickety-clothing“We have been highlighted twice in the 25 under 5 and both times have been great. Probably the biggest benefit for us was the credibility it helped build with potential investors. Our business relies heavily on cash to build our inventories and a lot of that has come from outside sources. Scoring in the top 10 helped us with that.”
Craig Rickenbach, CEO at Persnickety Clothing

professional-cable“Being recognized as a UVEF Top 25 company has been a really great experience for us. We still receive compliments for how our company has won these awards and it gave us an award to tell our customers about and put on our website. It’s a great recognition for some amazing Utah companies and we are very proud to be part of the UVEF Top 25 alumni.”
Jason Bringhurst, President of Professional Cable

Don’t let your company be left behind; this year UVEF is opening up to two categories to inlclude both revenue companies and pre-revenue startups.

Nominate your company today!